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Helen Miles

You are so generous. Thank you!

My husband and I never really thought about owning our own home before we answered your ad. We just had never given it that much thought, just seemed like something for the future. I knew that neither me husband or myself had the kind of credit you need to apply for a loan. But when we answered your ad and you explained to us your Rent-to-Own American Dream Program, we knew it was just perfect for us. We could keep renting and by doing so could save up on the downpayment on the house and get a reduction on the purchase price. Not only that but your company would then help us apply for a loan! I could'nt believe it. You are so generous. There are so many options and you are so flexible on terms that the idea of owning our very first home does not seem as such a far-fetched idea anymore. Thank you for your kindness and integrity.

Helen Miles Buford, GA

Ms Kirkland

I didn't think I'd ever get here . . .

At first I was scared because I didn’t know if I was even going to get a house. Even though I made the money, my credit isn’t good and I had some issues going on with helping my kids - so that kind of put me back. Ms. Janessa helped me out, she talked with me, she gave me some confidence, and she told me what my process was as far as paying my down payment. I got that all together and I paid my down payment, paid my rent ahead of time and now I’m signing my lease to get in my home and I’m happy!  I’ve been going to the classes and I’m starting credit restoration so I’m on my way! I didn’t think I’d ever get here! Thank you!

Ms Kirkland Decatur, GA

T Hadgu

My whole mind and heart goes towards this house

My experience has been very nice so far. Janessa, she was great. I whole-heartedly trusted her. If it were not for her, really, I wouldn’t even have got in this program. She is very encouraging, and that is my big dream as well. So, I think that’s a good team and good partnership. It is amazing, I got a good positive experience, and hopefully, at the end we are going to see full ownership. That’s what I’m trying to do now. My whole mind and heart goes towards this house. Every nickel every dime that I get I’m going to put into this house. I have to. It is mandatory. I don’t have any other choice, this is it, I’ve got to do it. I got to make it happen. I am doing it really for my family. I am always in the road. My kids deserve better, and with God’s help I’m going to do it.

T Hadgu Lilburn, GA

A Rowe and K Henry and B Justice

This opportunity for us as a family is so great!

We are so excited! We think the home is a beautiful place in order for us to continue to grow and move towards home ownership.  We have rented other homes before, but it's not "our" home. This opportunity for us as a family is so great!

A Rowe and K Henry and B Justice Stone Mountain, GA

Sylvia and Marteria

The Path to Home Ownership Program is a great program. . .

Our experience so far has been great. The Path to Home Ownership Program is a great program. I think it helps people that can't go straight into homes right away with a mortgage. It really helps. I feel this is the best program I have found so far. Thank you so much!

Sylvia and Marteria Rex, GA

Mr Timms and Mr Simpson

We didn't think it could happen, but it can happen!

We are looking forward to owning our own home. We didn't think it could happen, but it can happen! We're just looking forward to getting started! Thank you!

Mr Timms and Mr Simpson College Park, GA

Jimmie Kirkham

I am very trusting of this process

My experience has been absolutely wonderful. Coming in I knew that everyone here had my best interest at heart, so I am very trusting of this process. I appreciate everything that has been done. I'm excited to be a part of this. Thank you!

Jimmie Kirkham Stone Mountain, GA

Mr and Ms Witcher

We are very proud of ourselves!

We are very excited and looking forward to being home owners. We have been wanting to be a home owner for quite some time now, and this is starting the path to it, so hopefully we will reach the end! The Work for Credit will be a great benefit because of the field industry I work in. I know a lot of contractors so I can get them to work for me and get some credit to help us along our path. It's a great program and we are very proud of ourselves!

Mr and Ms Witcher Lithonia, GA

LaKinya Tuzo

I am looking to purchasing my home . . . by taking advantage of the Work for Equity credit

I've had a wonderful experience working with Trust Properties. I am looking to purchase my home I am renting by taking advantage of the Work for Equity credit by doing some minor repairs myself.

LaKinya Tuzo Lawrenceville, GA

Kenyatta and Paul Bates

We look forward to home ownership!

Our experience with Trust Properties has been a great experience. We're looking forward to the opportunity to own our own home. Being able to not only own our own home, but to fix our home in a way that we want it to be. And moving forward we look forward to home ownership! 

Kenyatta and Paul Bates Conyers, GA

Yvounda Brown

I'm just happy!

The Home Ownership Program, I think is a great program. This is my first house, I've never owned a house. So I'm excited. I love the people that work for this company. They work with you. I have no problems, I just look forward to it. It's going to be a great future. I'm just happy.

Yvounda Brown Decatur, GA

Ms Payne

I'm done renting!

It's exciting and I'm really enjoying this! I'm finally on the path to owning my own home. I am really excited cause I'm done renting!

Ms Payne Lithonia, GA

Quincy Wilson

This program made it easy, simple, and put my mind at ease

My experience with the program has been great. Trying to find a house out here in this market - with all of the competition, the hastle, and everything - this program made it easy, simple, and put my mind at ease; I really appreciate it.

Quincy Wilson Lithonia, GA

Michael and Colin

Taking Lemons and Making Lemonade!

Seems to be quite an opportunity to be involved in. It's been a  long process to get here, and we're looking forward to making substancial improvements to our property. Taking the lemons and making lemonade!

Michael and Colin Stone Mountain, GA

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